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Popular Headstone Styles and Prices:
This page provides our customers with information about some popular headstone styles, sizes, and basic pricing (including shipping land area within the US and carving). Please note that the prices listed are for single headstones. All headstones can be customized into double headstones and tailored to your specific needs.

All headstones can be customized to meet your requirements. The final price will depend on your specific needs and the type of stone you choose. We offer a variety of materials, including granite and marble, each available in different colors and finishes.

For a more detailed quote, we encourage you to contact us by phone:614-969-9999, visit our store, or fill out our quote form. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in creating a lasting tribute for your loved ones.


Flat Headstones

  Size                              Starting Price

20"x10"x3"                           $599

24"x12"x4"                           $799

28"x16"x4"                           $1099

36"x12"x4"                           $1099

48"x12"x4"                           $1299


Bevel Headstones

  Size                              Starting Price

24"x12"x6"                          $1099

24"x12"x8"                          $1199

36"x12"x8"                          $1499

48"x12"x8"                          $1699



Slant Headstones

  Size                            Starting Price

24"x10"x16"                   $1599

30"x10"x16"                   $1699

36"x10"x16"                   $1799

24"x10"x18"                   $1999

36"x10"x18"                   $2199



Upright Headstones

Die Size            Base Size        Starting Price

24"x6"x22"      36"x12"x6"       $2199

24"x6"x24"      36"x12"x6"       $2399

36"x6"x22"      48"x12"x6"       $2799

24"x6"x24"      48"x12"x6"       $2999

42"x6"x24"      54"x12"x6"       $3599

48"x8"x30"      60"x14"x8"       $5099

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